Universal 10 In 1 Multi-function USB Charging Cable Compatible


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USB 2.0 connector

with 10 different connectors on the other end

easy, convenient to use

Good to keep an extra one for travel

black high-impact plastic

suitable for almost all types of mobile phones


Out of stock

With a normal USB 2.0 connector on one end and 10 different connectors on the other, this cable is all you need to charge your all USB powered devices. This 10-in-1 retractable USB cable can be used to charge your Devices with USB charger plug, car charger, travel adapter, or direct from your PC/Laptop USB port

While traveling on business or pleasure, you only need to bring one cable and it helps you to charge all your portable devices

good quality cables

easy, convenient to use.

Good to keep an extra one for travel.

No need to remove your original charger from home.

Built -in charging circuitry to protect your cell Phone from excessive electrical loads.

Durable quality black high-impact plastic.

It is suitable for Nokia, for Motorola, for LG, for Samsung, for HTC, for Sony and so on

This product only has charge function, not support transfer data!

Length: 23cm


USB version: 2.0

Color: Black